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Performance ReNEW is a talent management and leadership development firm committed to helping organizations cultivate their most valuable asset: people. In the same way it takes a village to raise a child, we believe it takes a culture to raise an employee. That’s why we don’t just work with individuals to maximize their performance, but entire organizations as well—transforming workplace culture to breed a new class of high-performers tuned to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.

Corporate America is moving forward: diversity and inclusionary are no longer politically correct buzzwords. They are living and breathing organizational realities that must be taken seriously. Sensitivity training is only the first step in eliminating bias, fostering creativity, and jumpstarting innovation. If organizations are going to attract top talent and steer clear of legal liability, they need more than just a new set of tools. They need someone to help them renew and realign their vision for the modern workplace.

That’s where we come in.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Without an organizational culture tuned to this moment in the American workplace, no measure of strategic willpower will keep your workforce at the top of its game. That’s why we always pair tactical information (specialized training) with cultural transformation (ongoing leadership development). Let us show you what that looks like and help you create an environment where leaders thrive, employees prosper, and everyone works together to conquer the impossible.


Services_talent and performance

Talent and Performance Management

At Performance ReNew we understand that one of primary goals that organization's face is developing the talent capacity at all levels . Our goal is for your organization to be efficient and maximize its full potential.

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Career Coaching for Emerging Leaders

The Performance ReNew Leadership Development Program for Emerging Leaders. The greatest investment that you can ever make is in yourself. Investing in your personal and professional development will bring personal fulfillment and financial rewards for years

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Leadership Development

In this growing economy, organizational leaders across all industries are experiencing momentous and rapid change. In response to this demand, organizational leaders must develop the leadership capacity needed to adjust and flourish in the future.



Performance ReNEW offers blended learning solutions that include's e-learning on a wide-range of topics to meet your organizational needs.Your employees can access our e-learning courses anytime and anyplace. "Coming Soon"

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On-site Training and Motivational Speaking

Professor Bowman is a superb keynote and motivational speaker, presenter and trainer. She has extensive experience and background working as a lawyer, HR practitioner, HR Consultant, and career coach. She is also a distinguished college professor and has taught at renowned institutions such as Georgetown University, Fordham University, The Jack Welch Management Institute, and Manhattan College.


Our partners help us develop talented individuals from across the globe who will go on to
be future leaders and decision makers.




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  Natasha made this the best Leadership Development Institute we’ve had in years.

Attendee- White Plains Hospital Leadership Development Institute.

  The Best Presentation at the Conference!

Attendee - SHRM Talent Management Conference

  Wow, I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know until I heard Natasha’s presentation.

Attendee- SHRM Legal and Legislative Conference